From analog to digital: Il Casaro

Productivity at its best with integrated ERP system and E-commerce platform.

Il Casaro, a well-known and long-established Italian cheesemaker operating in New Zealand, unlocked its true productivity potential by moving to the digital world with the help of Infonet Solutions.

Moving from a static website to fully-fledged e-commerce has been the first step towards their digital transformation and quickly all the production and dispatching processes moved to an integrated ERP system. In no time their amazing products were discoverable and more reachable by anyone from anywhere and the staff had the confidence of always being on track and aware of the order status at any given time.

This called for an infrastructure upgrade with a wired and wireless network restructuring and a security assessment that led to the implementation of a firewall, a file server for file sharing and backup (locally and on the cloud) to guarantee the availability and security of their data, and VPN services to overcome the obstacles of keep on working from anywhere with confidence when needed.

Il Casaro is now on the edge of another digital revolution that will enhance automation and so help their business growth by leaving more time to strategize and move forward in this ever-evolving business world. | | 09 442 5419