Centralized IT management for Stevanato Group

Stevanato Group: a highly digitized company and a leading player in the pharma & healthcare supply chain always in search of the highest quality and innovation standards that realised the IT is the backbone of their production processes and organisation.

Backed by its 70 years of history, Stevanato Group’s focus on digital transformation began in 2005, for the optimal management of the production plants in Latina and Piombino Dese, in the province of Padua, where the company still maintains its headquarters. The expansion process thought by the Stevanato Group to follow the constantly evolving pharmaceutical supply chain, took the group to now have 14 factories with commercial offices located in 9 countries around the world for a total of almost 3,800 employees and over 500 million in turnover (2018 pre-closing data).

Hence the choice, at the beginning of 2018, to change the ICT name used up to that moment to IDigital, confirming an engagement extended to all internal processes, which is entrusted with the task of guaranteeing the growth of Stevanato Group.